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Ernst and Young.

30 April.

The CEO is Mr. Mark Tunmer. His profile and that of the rest of the management team are available under the ‘Management’ section of our website.

To receive updates from Imara Holdings, you should register for e-mail alerts. Alternatively, you can ‘Request information’  through our website, or send us your feedback through the ‘Contact IR‘ section of the site.

The Imara ticker symbol on the Botswana Stock Exchange is ‘IMARA’, while its Reuters ticker is IMRA.BT. The Google Finance code is BOT:IMRA.

The company’s results are normally published in the last week of July with a record date for the dividend in the second half of September.

Our registered address is below.


Union Provident Trust
Ground Floor, BIC House
Main Mall, Gaborone
P.O Box 46699, Village, Gaborone

Our business addresses and contact details are listed below.



Unit 6, Second Floor, Morojwa Mews,
Plot 74769, Western Commercial Road,
New CBD, Gaborone.
Private Bag 00186, Gaborone

Telephone: +267 3188 708

Facsimile: +267 3191 767

Website: www.imara.com


South Africa:

Imara House, Block 3,

257 Oxford Road, Illovo 2116


Telephone: +27 11 550 6100

Facsimile: +27 11 550 6110

The share price will be influenced by a number of factors, some of which are outside the company’s control. The factors may include:

  • the performance and prospects of the company or the industry in which the company operates;
  • political, general economic, financial and stock market conditions;
  • perceptions of investors about the above factors.

As with all listed shares, the share price of Imara Holdings Limited on the Botswana Stock Exchange can go up or down. If you sell your shares, you may receive more or less than you originally paid for them.

The ownership of a company can be shared by many people and organisations. A share is a unit of ownership. When you own a share you become a part-owner (shareholder) of a company and you will have the right to receive any dividends paid on each share that you own, receive an electronic or paper copy or summary of the company’s annual report and financial statements as well as any other shareholder communications. You will also have the right to attend, ask questions and vote at general meetings of the company.

A dividend is a taxable sum of money declared by a company’s board of directors and given to its shareholders out of the company’s current or retained earnings. Dividends are usually given as cash (cash dividend), but they can also take the form of stock (scrip dividend) or other property. There is no guarantee that a company will make dividend payments in any given year or years.

Share prices generally change on a daily basis. To value your portfolio, simply multiply the number of shares you own in Imara by the current share price as available in the Share Quote. Note that this value excludes transaction costs, which vary by country of jurisdiction.

When you buy shares in Imara, or any listed company for that matter, you should get a contract note and then a share certificate from the broker through which you bought your shares.