Why Imara?

Imara is a growing pan-African securities trading, corporate finance asset management and trust services group focused on participating in the growth of Africa’s capital and securities markets. Reap the benefits of Imara’s expertise in African markets by becoming a shareholder in Imara today.

Imara serves African markets and promotes Investing In Africa by providing objective decision making as well as first-class Financial Products and Services to Corporate, Institutional and Private clients.

As an independent Botswana listed investment banking group, Imara is proud to have unrivalled local knowledge, focus and presence. Imara operates from offices in Angola, Botswana, South Africa and the UK as well as associate offices in Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Imara has also partnered with Chapel Hill Denham in Nigeria, NIC Capital in Kenya, Namibia Equity Brokers in Namibia.

Imara intends to become the leader in African wealth management by providing first class products and services to corporate, institutional and high net worth clients.

Imara believes in the people and potential of Africa, providing leading insight and perspective on African investment opportunities.

Clients count on Imara for objective decision-making which is achieved by combining the highest standards of professionalism and expertise with unrivalled knowledge of Africa’s markets.

Through on-going research Imara continually builds on an already deep and unique understanding of Africa’s markets, enabling Imara’s team of specialists to offer clients market leading products and services.

African Market Specialist

The name Imara means ‘strong’ in Swahili, the language spoken by more than 130 million people living and working across Africa. We chose this name for our company because it reflects our African roots as well as the stability, persistence and endurance of our approach to wealth management. These qualities are proudly reflected in our company motto: ‘strong in name, resolute by nature’.

As an investment banking group with a uniquely African heritage, Imara has adopted a remarkable and typically African creature for our emblem. The scarab is small yet highly industrious. Capable of carrying more than 800 times its body weight, it is one of the world’s strongest animals. It also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem by improving soil fertility and forage growth.

Like the scarab, Imara accelerates the prosperity of the continent by offering a full range of financial products and solutions for institutional, corporate and high net worth clients investing in Africa.


We are honest, ethical and transparent in our dealings with clients, our investors and with each other.We demonstrate genuine structural integrity through being unified in operation, sound in construction and robust in our management of risk and compliance.


With over 50 years of operational experience in Africa, we are equipped with an unrivalled reserve of expertise and experience.

We draw on this wealth of knowledge and understanding to advise and invest more astutely than our competitors.

We ensure that our clients benefit from our in-depth market research and expertise.

We are uniquely qualified to develop African solutions that are designed and customised for Africa.


Discipline governs the processes through which we control and conduct business. It transforms our in-depth local knowledge and experience, together with our professional competence, into tangible results.

We focus our efforts through efficient and reliable systems and our proven track record. We promote a culture of responsibility, ownership and accountability.


Enterprise is the combination of initiative and resourcefulness that fuels economic development.

We encourage African entrepreneurship to create prosperity in Africa.

We develop dynamic and innovative investment solutions for clients.


We believe that resoluteness is the essential quality for being purposeful, determined, strong and steadfast.

To be resolute means being focused and committed.

Our own strength of character helps us to fulfil our purpose and concentrate on achieving our goals for the benefit of clients.

Corporate Announcements

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